Vape Carts
Full Spectrum

Say hello to the new Nugz Vape! Each cart offers the authentic cannabis high of a full-spectrum cured resin, mixed with a terpene rich distillate to crank the flavour up to 11! Finished off by packaging the oil in a premium Ascera cartridge with ceramic tip and Japanese cotton wick. Nugz Vape Carts. A better way at a better price.


Drip N' Jiggle

Cart Hardware

ASCERA XT-75 Ceramic 510 Cart

80% Strain-specific resin
20% distillate + terpenes

Premium Materials:
Ceramic mouthpiece and post with triangular parts
Borosilicate glass reservoir
Japanese Cotton Wick + Quartz Coil

Key Selling Points

Full spectrum resin vape

Approachable pricing to support trading up from disti carts

Flavour forward


Blend Format
Gelato Sherb 1g (AB, ON, SK)
Lemon Linx 1g (AB, ON, SK)
Slerple 1g (ON, SK)
Galactic Burger 1g (AB, ON, SK)
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