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Lineage: Las Vegas Lemon Skunk x Member Berry RBX | Breeder: Ethos Genetics

They say “the early bird gets the worm”, but here at Nugz there’s enough Early Lemon Berry to go around! Our ELB is a Sativa that grows like an Indica. Shorter, more bush-like appearance but produces monster, dense, buds. ELB features rich citrus notes with a distinct lemon flavour thanks to its higher percentage of limonene and myrcene. Crack a flower in half and it’ll smell like a mix of sweet lemons, grapefruit and sugary sweet berries. The flavour is quite similar to the smell, but the taste on the exhale is what earned its popularity. The aroma produced by these flowers is strong, but not pungent. Expect medium to large nugs covered in trichomes!

Pheno : 92
THC : 18-28%
DOMINANT TERPENES : Myrcene, Caryophyllene, Farnesene, Ocimene, Humulene, Linalool

Available in:

Bag: 28g (Quebec Exclusive) & 3.5g (Ontario Exclusive)
Large nugs packed in an air-tight pouch for supreme freshness.

Pre-rolls : 14 x 0.6g (Quebec Exclusive) & 12 x 0.6g (Ontario Exclusive)
Whole ground buds, wrapped in premium RAW cones.


Strains: Runtz x Grease Monkey | Breeder: Exotic Genetix

If you were a gamer in the late 90’s, you’ll be slapped right into nostalgic memories of a pixelated magic hand that slapped you around.
After all these years, we are arming you to fight back. Slapz, a powerful new Indica strain from Nugz!
Open the bag, Slapz !
Right from the first inhale you can tell this is a powerhouse.
The parent strains make Slapz an Indica dominant Hybrid with a heavy-hand!
Take a puff, Slapz !
The flavours of Diesel, backed by hints of fruit and pepper linger on your tongue while the effects go to work immediately on your senses.

Pheno : 25
THC : 21-28%
DOMINANT TERPENES : Caryophyllene, Limonene Linalool, Myrcene

Available in:

Bag: 28g (Quebec Exclusive), 3.5g (Ontario Exclusive)
and offered as a rotating strain in select products.

Packed in an air-tight pouch for supreme freshness.


Lineage: Rotating | Breeder: Rotating

At Cannara, all our incredible flower starts with a pheno hunt. We sprout hundreds of seeds of each strain to find perfection within the strain. This is a long process where we flower out entire rooms of genetics that, up until today, we might not release.

Introducing our “Strain Hunter” 15g Bag! For those passionate canna-thusiests who search out new releases. Our Strain hunter offering is rotating harvests of unique Tribal and Nugz genetics loaded with exotic terpenes. Perfect for those of us who like to try new things, or those of us who are a bit more DIY with our concentrates. Get them while they’re hot!

As these are limited releases, this product is only available in Quebec


Pheno : Rotating
THC : 22-28%

Available in:

Bag: 15g (Quebec Exclusive)
Packed in an air-tight pouch for supreme freshness.


Lineage: Rotating | Breeder: Rotating

Drawn from our genetic library of exotic strains from both Tribal and Nugz, Smalls 14g is an opportunity for bulk consumers to access Cannara’s premium quality flowers at value.

All the same terp-y goodness you’ve come to expect from Tribal & Nugz, Now more economical! Same batches as what you’d find in our 3.5g, but sorted for smaller buds in order to provide even more economy.

Small, but mighty buds with big bag appeal thanks to the frosty trichomes, excellent moisture content, THC percentages that ranges between 21-27%, and terpene percentages between 2 – 5%. Grind and shine!


Pheno : Rotating
THC : 21-27%

Available in:

Bag: 14g (Ontario Exclusive)
Packed in an air-tight pouch for supreme freshness.

Nugz Wrap

Lineage: Rotating | First Drop Slapz (Runtz x Grease Monkey; Exotic Genetix)

Starting with rotating strains from Tribal and Nugz’ family of rare genetics, the Nugz 1g Wrap is produced with nothing but hang dried, slow cured, single-source whole buds we’ve grown, ground, and carefully rolled in a premium hemp wrap, for a classic, slow burn.

Nugz 1g Wrap is a premium heavy hitter at a wallet-friendly price that you’ve come to expect from Nugz.

Pheno : Rotating
THC : 22-28%

Available in:

1-Pack: 1g 
Packed in an air-tight pouch for supreme freshness.

background Nugz Hash top

Nugz Hash is offered in three varieties

Old School Hash

Old School Hash

Old School Hash (OSH) is a traditional hash derived from indoor grown genetics. Produced using age-old sieving methods, Old School Hash is dry-sifted, gently heated, and pressed into a consistent, sticky, malleable resin to deliver an authentic hash with enhanced levels of purity and rich flavors. Our OSH is offered in rotating blends of THC and CBD genetics.

Ice Water Hash product

Ice Water Hash

Ice Water Hash (IWH) is a premium bubble hash derived from THC and CBD genetics to deliver true-to-strain terpene and flavor profiles. Produced using solventless extraction, IWH is agitated and sieved in ice water to extract mature trichome heads and resin from whole buds. Our IWH is offered in rotating blends of THC and CBD genetics.

Nugz Fresh Frozen Hash Rosin 300px

Fresh Frozen Hash Rosin

Fresh Frozen Hash Rosin (FFHR) is derived from our single source indoor-grown genetics, frozen at harvest to preserve the flowers’ natural terpene profile, flavours, and aromas. Our FFHR is made by sieving frozen premium grade cannabis flower through 159µm to 45µm wash bags in ice water.

Nugz Hash is created  from the following strains

Nugz Häpple

In Partnership with Canadian Glass Artisan Errlectric Dave

A Häpple a day keeps the ______ away… And it’s different for all of us. Introducing the Nugz Häpple! In partnership with Errlectric Dave, we are proud to be re-releasing these phenomenal pipes. A perfect pairing with Nugz Old School Product, the Häpple is a classy take on an ancient accessory. You’ll feel like you’re pontificating away in a study, sitting in a leather lounger, fire crackling at your feet. All the while your Nugz Häpple is churning away, just building up the densest cloud possible. When you’re ready, just tilt the stem and inhale. Elegance, sophistication, and just a damn good time… The Nugz Häpple delivers!

Available Here: 



We give it to you straight. No hold backs, no compromise, no corners cut. Nugz cannabis is undoubtedly some of the best weed you’ll smoke at the most affordable price. Cultivated in our facilities in Farnham and Valleyfield, QC, we’re upping the game a notch, and we’re only getting started. Stay tuned for more.

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