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Nugz Early Lemon Berry Cannara products family shot


Nugz Early Lemon Berry is hang dried, slow cured in curing barrels, and hand trimmed packed in air-tight pouches for guaranteed freshness.


Early Lemon Berry is a sativa dominant strain of cannabis. True to its name, ELB features rich citrus notes with overwhelming lemon flavors thanks to its higher percentage of limonene and myrcene terpenes. It smells like a mix of sweet lemons and grapefruit. But the taste of the exhale is what earned its reputation. Expect medium to large sticky nugs, dense, covered in trichomes and amber pistils.

Pheno 92
THC : 20-28%
Myrcene, Caryophyllene, Ocimene, Farnesene

Available in:

Bag: 3.5g & 28g 
Large nugs packed in an air-tight pouch for supreme freshness.

Pre-rolls : 14 x 0.6g 
Whole ground buds, wrapped in premium RAW cones.

background Nugz Hash top
Old School Hash

Old School Hash

Old School Hash (OSH) is a traditional hash derived from indoor grown genetics. Produced using age-old sieving methods, Old School Hash is dry-sifted, gently heated, and pressed into a consistent, sticky, malleable resin to deliver an authentic hash with enhanced levels of purity and rich flavors. Our OSH is offered in rotating blends of THC and CBD genetics.

Ice Water Hash product

Ice Water Hash

Ice Water Hash (IWH) is a premium bubble hash derived from THC and CBD genetics to deliver true-to-strain terpene and flavor profiles. Produced using solventless extraction, IWH is agitated and sieved in ice water to extract mature trichome heads and resin from whole buds. Our IWH is offered in rotating blends of THC and CBD genetics.


We give it to you straight. No hold backs, no compromise, no corners cut. Nugz cannabis is undoubtedly some of the best weed you’ll smoke at the most affordable price. Cultivated in Farnham QC, we’re upping the game a notch, and we’re only getting started. Stay tuned for more.

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