Fresh Frozen HASH Rosin

Nugz Ice Water Hash is a premium bubble hash derived from our rare genetic library, delivering true-to-strain terpene and flavour profiles. Produced using solventless extraction, Ice Water Hash is agitated and sieved in ice water to extract mature trichome heads and resin from whole buds. Nugz Ice Water Hash is offered in a rotation of single-strain genetics including Early Lemon Berry, Gelato Mint, Cuban Linx, Terple, Power Sherb, and Slapz. Great bowl topper!

GENETIC Single Strain – Rotating Genetics
TYPE Ice Water Hash 1g


  • Premium ice water hash temple ball at disruptive pricing
  • Unique concentrate with balanced cannabinoid profile
  • Rotating genetics from our rare genetic library, strains listed on label
  • Premium temple ball in glass bottomed rook jar and full label top to help consumers organize their concentrates


  • Rotational: 1g (BC)
  • Slapz: 1g (AB, ON, SK)
  • Terple: 1g (AB, ON, SK)
  • Early Lemon Berry: 1g (AB, ON)
Nugz Fresh Frozen Hash Rosin
Fresh Frozen Hash Rosin

Terple FFHR: Hybrid, Tropicana Cookies x Slurricane #7 | Breeder : In-House Genetics

Slapz FFHR: Indica, Runtz x Grease Monkey | Breeder : Exotic Genetix

Our FFHR is made by sieving frozen premium grade cannabis flower through 159µm to 73µm wash bags in ice water to produce a bubble hash that is then gently heated and pressed into a honey-like rosin.

Best stored in the fridge and brought to room temperature 10 minutes before your next sesh.

Pheno : Rotating
THC : 65 - 73%
TERPENES : 7 - 15%

Available in:

Container: 1g
Packed in an air-tight concentrate jar for supreme freshness.