Nugz Fresh Frozen Hash Rosin
Fresh Frozen Hash Rosin

Terple FFHR: Hybrid, Tropicana Cookies x Slurricane #7 | Breeder : In-House Genetics

Slapz FFHR: Indica, Runtz x Grease Monkey | Breeder : Exotic Genetix

Our FFHR is made by sieving frozen premium grade cannabis flower through 159µm to 73µm wash bags in ice water to produce a bubble hash that is then gently heated and pressed into a honey-like rosin.

Best stored in the fridge and brought to room temperature 10 minutes before your next sesh.

Pheno : Rotating
THC : 65 - 73%
TERPENES : 7 - 15%

Available in:

Container: 1g
Packed in an air-tight concentrate jar for supreme freshness.