Pheno Hunter
At Cannara, all our incredible flower starts with a pheno hunt. We sprout hundreds of seeds of each strain to find perfection within the strain. This is a long process where we flower out entire rooms of genetics that, up until today, we might not release. Introducing our Pheno Hunter bag! For those passionate canna-thusiests who search out new releases. Our Pheno Hunter bag offers rotating small-batch harvests direct from Niko Dank’s phenohunts at Cannara’s grow house. Perfect for those of us who like to try the new-new. Available in 15g and 28g format.
GENETIC Las Vegas Lemon Skunk x Member Berry RBX
THC 21-27%
CBD 0-1%
TERPENE % 2-4%
TERPENES Myrcene, Ocimene, Caryophyllene, Farnesene
QUALITY Hang dried and slow cured for final packaging in an air-tight bag for ultimate freshness


  • Strain lineage listed on bag for each lot.
  • Premium quality flower at bulk value
  • High total terpenes percentage. 
  • Controlled vertical, flower sourced from Cannara’s rare genetics library.
Dried Flower
15g (ON, SK)
28g (QC)